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RJ Working offers support to Cornwall’s primary and secondary schools, colleges and universities who want to introduce the ‘Ripple Effect’ Restorative Practice training programme. This is designed to help students and staff together to develop more ways of sharing responsibility and responding well to difficult and challenging situations. The training can be adapted for a wide range of ages and settings.

Consultancy Consultancy and development planning with Headteacher/SLTs about Restorative Practice in schools
Ripple Effect Training Programme Intensive 3-day course for ten students and two key staff members.

This innovative programme has been developed in collaboration with secondary schools and universities in Cornwall.

It is attracting national attention and being independently evaluated by Ipsos MORI

Peer Mentoring and Peer Mediation Development of Peer Mentoring/Peer Mediation programmes
Staff Training Training/workshops delivered through inset or after school for staff members

We can deliver bespoke training suited to your school’s needs

See also Adult Training

Whole School Approach Drawing on all of the above, depending on the unique school environment, and the building blocks already in place. This includes co-production of Policies with students taking increasing levels of responsibility. This level of commitment is associated with multiple benefits and impacts and can lead to achieving the Quality Mark of the Restorative Justice Council.
Parents Work with the wider community which may involve restorative approaches to neighbourhood disputes.  We are especially keen to work with groups of parents who want to support their children’s social and emotional education through restorative approaches, and with schools who want to relate to parents using this model.

Costs can be subsidised through grants.

Your school may be eligible for full or part subsidies. There is a strong association with reducing inequality and narrowing the gap, also with mental health benefits, so restorative practice is an appropriate use of pupil premium and Headstart funding. Please get in touch for more information.

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