Vision and Mission

RJ Working exists to equip young people with the principles, language and confidence to build a fairer and more compassionate society.


At RJ Working we: 

Believe every young person should have the right to access Restorative principles as part of their education.

Use Restorative Practice training to equip Young People to better look after themselves and each other, in person and online.

Recognise the value of young people’s lived experience and the potential of Restorative practice to empower their leadership.

Through this, we support young people’s commitment to tackle harms to identity, especially racism, and their commitment to climate justice.

We are part of a global movement.

Grounded in the indigenous wisdom of communities who have used dialogue and collaborative solutions to conflict, Restorative practice has deep roots. From Aotearoa New Zealand and the Pacific Islands, to South Africa and North America, Restorative practice has been used in various forms around the world for many generations.

Our model of Restorative practice is based on that used in Northern Ireland, where it has been used formally since 1995, and within the community for many years prior to that.

If you would like to learn more about how we can support the leadership of young people in your world the please do reach out via our contact page and we will look forward to connecting with you!

Why does RJ Working exist?

Our Vision is to have a whole generation of young people leading Restorative practice in their communities. By explicitly addressing inequality and identity-based harms such as racism, we aspire for Restorative Practice to be both a preventative and responsive approach for building community and repairing harm.

We know that young people benefit from supportive adults and opportunities to practice their Restorative skills in a variety of settings. That’s why we also work with Parents, Social Workers, Teachers and in workplaces, to build Restorative connections throughout the community that sustain across the long-term.

One of the consequences of the pandemic is that we are actually connecting more with people from wider backgrounds, both nationally and internationally. We see this as a real strength. As we continue to understand the longer-term impacts of the pandemic, we will remain attuned to the immediate and future needs of the young people we serve.

Access and Participation Officer, FE College, Cornwall

“I have worked with RJ Working for two years. Their training courses are inspirational and have empowered me to introduce change in my workplace and in my own life. I would say it is  their passion for restorative practice that is truly ground breaking. In a world that seems to focus on bad news the work of RJ Working is a breath of fresh air and a ray of light  as they demonstrate and showcase tangible and meaningful strategies to build and rebuild constructive and positive relationships”

14 year old Young Person, Cornwall

“It doesn’t matter where you come from…you can be from the smallest power and the smallest place in the world. You can still make a difference, you can still be someone and do something massive.”

Adult at Culture of Care Workshop

“I am excited to see how this restorative model can be used flexibly by schools to support all forms of problems & conflict that occur for children & families”

15 year old young person, West Cornwall

“I would like to remember everything that Yasmine said about racism, because I never realized how it was. I understood that it’s a terrible thing but I never really saw the massive array of how big it was, and never really brought to us down here. And it was like I’ve never really heard anything like this.”

Accreditations, Associations and Funders

Our expertise has been formally recognised by the Restorative Justice Council with the award of their Registered Training Provider status. All of our Practitioners are either Associate or Accredited Members of the Restorative Justice Council.

The RJC promotes quality Restorative Practice for everyone in the UK.

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