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Youth Climate Action Offer

We understand that the Climate Crisis will significantly affect all young people’s futures, entrenching inequalities and deeply impacting health and well-being. The young people in our team champion facing up to the challenges together and taking action for climate justice to support health and well-being, individually and collectively.   
Our programme has various elements which schools and colleges can embed in different configurations. While some of these have associated costs, all are either wholly or partially subsidised by charitable funding.

We are happy to discuss any of these options if you would like to take advantage of them in your school.

Scroll down to download a PDF of the schools climate offer.

Dowload the Youth Climate Action Offer here

Introducing young people to campaigning

The RJ Working YCAT (Youth-led Climate Action Team) have made it our mission to contribute to the international Stop Ecocide campaign. We can bring this to your school in the form of an assembly or a training workshop.

See our campaigns page for further details