Training - Programmes for Children & Young People

Youth-led Climate Action Team

We understand that the Climate Crisis will significantly affect all young people’s futures, entrenching inequalities and deeply impacting health and well-being. The young people in our team champion facing up to the challenges together and taking action for climate justice to support health and well-being, individually and collectively.   
Our programme has various elements which schools and colleges can embed in different configurations. While some of these have associated costs, all are either wholly or partially subsidised by charitable funding.

The RJ Working YCAT (Youth-led Climate Action Team) can:

  •  roll out a climate consultation across your whole school/college
  • support your students to run a Participatory Assembly for each Year Group to discuss the results of the consultation and map out an action plan

  •  support your eco group/council to grow via our Green Ripple Effect programme, working intensively with groups of 12 students over 2 days

  • provide a half day ‘Green Futures’ event for Year Groups of  young people to explore sustainable  life and careers options more deeply using Restorative Practice as the basis for their learning

  • involve representatives of your school/college to take part in one of Cornwall’s  Youth Climate Action Festivals, joining a growing network of schools and colleges across Cornwall


We hold creative group sessions for different communities to explore their relationship with nature and restorative approaches to the environment. Splanna is our partnership with Falmouth Art Gallery for young people meeting weekly discovering new ways to communicate their commitment to nature.