Ripple for Connection Project

From March to November 2022 we worked with key school communities in Cornwall to embed Restorative Practice. The aims of this project were: 1. Young people will have increased social bonds, community connection, and feel less isolated. 2. Young people will have reduced risk of school and social exclusion. 3. Young people will have learned and are using the principles of the Restorative model and are sharing these. We are grateful to Westhill for their generous donation of funding which is contributing some of the costs of this work.
Supporting Refugees Poster

Culture of Care

Interested in Supporting Refugees? The Cornish Bank hosted an event on Saturday 14th May to hear from refugees and hosts giving information and guidance to refugees in Cornwall, volunteers and potential hosts.

Traveller Families Project

One of the projects within our Restorative Connections Programme is for families from the Gypsy Roma Traveller Community in Cornwall. This project is especially important following the disruption to relationships caused by Covid-19 and the risks of increased inequalities. We are committed to sharing the Restorative model creatively and adapting it to the needs of communities at risk of marginalisation. We are grateful to Children in Need for supporting the wider Restorative Connections Programme of which this project is a part.

Young People's Leadership of Equity and Inclusion

A growing group of young people aged 16+ are engaged in discussions about how best to champion these issues in their local communities. They initiated an amazing event crafted for this age group in the summer of 2022. Hosted in Truro, young people with diverse backgrounds came together to talk and explore justice issues.


We have a specially designed series of sessions for engaging young people in restorative practice for the workplace. Their employability has been severely impacted by Covid-19 and the social relevance of restorative skills is supporting them to recover their confidence for workplace relationships. Whether in the construction industry, office settings or other work environments, workplace relationships are vital.


As part of our environmental mission we use restorative circles to promote young people's engagement with nature. Our Splanna project, in partnership with Falmouth Art Gallery, supports young people's creativity, developing their wellbeing and agency in relation to environmental issues. In March 2022 some representatives of Splanna took a spoken word poem (rap) to Cornwall's ecological emergence summit at Heartlands, please see their performance here:

Youth-Led Climate Action Festival

This is an opportunity for Young People from across Cornwall to come together to exchange learning and inspiration at a youth-led climate action festival. Schools from across West Cornwall held the first festival at Heartlands in June 2023.

Grassroots Restorative Leadership Programme

So far, in 3 years, 12 cohorts of education & health professionals who gained this qualification have gone on to impact the lives of over 17,000 children & young people.

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