Teach The Future

Teach the Future is a campaign led by secondary and tertiary education students to greatly improve education on the climate emergency and ecological crisis in the UK.

How to be a Hero for all our Children

The Quaker United Nations Office (QUNO) in Geneva published an updated version of ‘How to be a Hero for All Our Children,’ which is available in English, Arabic, and Spanish. It aims to connect people with the most recent climate science and suggests personal actions and questions for politicians.
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How to Change the Things we Can

The inaugural professorial lecture with Professor Rosie Robison of Angela Ruskin University

How Bad Are Bananas

'How Bad Are Bananas' written by Mike Berners-Lee is an excellent resource to understand the environmental impact of particular products and activities. What is the carbon footprint of everything? This can help inform actions to fight the climate crisis.
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Stop Ecocide Campaign Resources

Redruth School Crowdfunder Video

Take a look at the video made with Redruth School to support our 2022 Crowdfunder : Young Voices Better Future - Climate Action Cornwall.

Active Hope: How to Face the Mess we're in with Unexpected Resilience and Creative Power

"Active Hope: How to Face the Mess we're in with Unexpected Resilience and Creative Power" by Joanna Macey and Chris Johnstone. This book is about being active participants in bringing about what we hope for. It is a practice developed from the experiences of lifelong activists. The book offers a wealth of nourishing solo and group activities and new ways of thinking that enable us to bring about social change in a joyful, regenerative way. Alternatively, the authors have developed a free online course on Active Hope. This would make an inspiring challenge for your Eco-group, your School Council, or even your entire school community to complete together!
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Teachers For the Planet

Teachers For The Planet have produced resources for staff in educational institutions that want to address and learn about the climate crisis with their young people.

Loving Earth Project UK

The Loving Earth Project celebrates some of the wonderful things threatened by growing environmental breakdown: people, places, creatures, and other things we love. It is helping people to engage creatively and constructively with these issues, without being overwhelmed. It’s also a way to share positive examples of change and why people have taken action for the sake of love.

Solar for Schools

Solar for Schools guides you through the journey to enjoy solar energy on your school’s roof, from funding, design, installation and operation. They also include an education package about energy and sustainability using the solar panels as the educational instrument.

Don't Choose Extinction

The Don’t Choose Extinction campaign features a collective intelligence platform, the Global Mindpool, to help tackle the most important issues of our time. Linking insights from around the world - on the climate emergency, the crisis in nature and inequality – the Global Mindpool will support the United Nations Development Programme to better inform and equip policy makers in government, civil society, and the private sector. For more information on the ‘Don’t Choose Extinction’ campaign, visit www.dontchooseextinction.com


A series of 12 short films from 12 artists in Cornwall, commissioned to send their strong climate emergency message to COP26. They all want to Shout LOUDER.