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RJ Working – Creating Restorative Practice

Our work

RJ Working offers support to Cornwall’s primary and secondary schools, colleges and universities who want to introduce the ‘Ripple Effect’ Restorative Practice training programme. This is designed to help students and staff together to develop more ways of sharing responsibility and responding well to difficult and challenging situations. The training can be adapted for a wide range of ages and settings.

Restorative Practice involves the development of relationships which recognise and value differences, to deal well with conflict when it arises and prevent it escalating into hurtful behaviour, whether in person or online.

Restorative Justice is achieved when an independent third party supports safe and voluntary communication between someone who has been hurt and the person who hurt them, for the purpose of repair and recovery.

The Restorative Justice Council supports a growing UK network of organisations committed to restorative practice development. The RJC awards quality marks to schools and other organisations and maintains practice standards. While RJ Working is a Cornish social enterprise, we are also part of this national approach and the European network EFRJ.

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All of our Practitioners are either Associate or Accredited Members of the Restorative Justice Council, the national body
ensuring high quality and advocating the widespread use of all forms of restorative justice and restorative practice.