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Creating Restorative Practice

RJ Working exists to equip young people and their communities with the principles, language and confidence to build a more compassionate and more fair society. Our training-led model teaches young people the skills they need to be courageous in responding to conflict creatively and builds understanding of how perceived difference can fuel conflict and harm.

Restorative Practice strengthens relationships to enable us to deal well with conflict, whether in person or online, and prevent it escalating into harm.

RJ Working offers support to Cornwall’s primary and secondary schools, colleges and universities who want to introduce Restorative Practices. Our training programmes are designed to help students and staff together to develop more ways of sharing responsibility and responding well to difficult and challenging situations. The training can be adapted for a wide range of ages and settings.

What is Restorative Practice?
What is Restorative Justice?
What does it mean for schools?

Our Patron: Dr Mark Walters

We are delighted to have the support of Dr Mark Walters renowned international academic based at the University of Sussex. Mark is author of Hate Crime and Restorative Justice: Exploring Causes, Repairing Harms 

Lionel Morrison

Prior to his tragic death in 2016, our first Patron of RJ Working was Lionel Morrison.

Lionel was recognised for his contribution to ending apartheid in South Africa.

He was also the first black President of the NUJ and the Chair of Notting Hill Housing Association.

Lionel is central to our short film Making A Start which you can view here.

Our expertise was formally recognised at the beginning of 2017 via the Restorative Service Quality Mark (RSQM). We can also work with you to help you gain this accreditation.

All of our Practitioners are either Associate or Accredited Members of the Restorative Justice Council

The Restorative Justice Council (RJC) promotes quality restorative practice for everyone. View the RJC website.