RJ Working – Creating Restorative Approaches to Harm

RJ Working is a Community Interest Company with the aim of strengthening the resilience and flexibility of individuals, families and communities, in response to harmful experiences.   Conflict and crime often cause harm beyond the actual event and leave people struggling with the aftermath.   These kinds of harm affect all parts of our communities, the people affected come from all cultural, ethnic and social economic backgrounds.  RJ Working provides a safe, friendly and neutral service to enable communication between people, and to take steps towards restoring relationships and wellbeing.

Harm has a ripple effect – it doesn’t stop on the day it happens, and it doesn’t stop with the person directly harmed.

Responding to the harm restoratively also has a ripple effect, enabling recovery and building resilience, strength and a better world for all.

Harm is not confined to crime, and the need for justice is not restricted to the Criminal Justice System.  It is just as keenly felt in families, schools, communities and organisational life.

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We want to see Restorative Justice and Restorative Practices become a normal option, for the benefit of individuals, families and communities.