What we eat today is produced in ways that are hugely dependent on fossil fuels, mechanisation, fertilisers and poisonous pesticides. In other words, the food we eat is a major contributor to both the climate and biodiversity crises, and our food systems are broken.  

Food systems include ingredients being flown in from all over the world, and the massive proportions of food that gets wasted, compounding landfill problems instead of being part of natural cycles of decay and regeneration.  

We are literally destroying climate stability and the natural systems of the earth.  

 The R in RJ Working stands for Restorative, which means making things better. The RJ Working team is ready to share how Restorative Practice can help to repair our broken food systems.  We can tackle the injustices of food poverty through campaigning for Food equality; support young people to grow sustainable food through our partnerships; value the potential for community development and wellbeing; hold spaces for conversations about how we can make the needed changes happen.  

 We empower young people to take food system actions that are bigger than individual health.  What we eat and where it comes from makes a big difference to community success and global citizenship where we all show respect for the unique planet which is our home.