In Communities

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In Communities

RJ Working supports individuals, families, groups and communities to use Restorative Practice to build relationships and repair harm

Restorative Practice strengthens community development as part of the ‘social glue’.

Multi Agency Adult Training

Intensive 3-day multi-agency Restorative Facilitator training for working with young people, suited to Pastoral Care leads.


Successful completion means participants can register with the Restorative Justice Council as Associate Practitioners. RJ Working can support ongoing learning for full accreditation with the Restorative Justice Council.

Restorative Leadership

ILM Level 3 Qualification in Restorative Leadership, focussing on development in Health and Education. This new programme aims to strengthen relationships, help career progression and cross sector knowledge exchange.


Developed in partnership with the University of Exeter, Applied Minds Teaching School and Veor Surgery, supported by the European Social Fund.

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Family Group Conference Service

We offer a Family Group Conference service to support attendance at school and to support families as part of the wider school communities. FGCs put families at the centre of decision making, creating a plan together to move forward. Our service is facilitated by trained FGC coordinators and supported by Together For Families. Please contact us to discuss referrals.

I have developed a sense of having tools and language for something I believe in, that can actually be communicated and shared

Previous training participant

It’s changed my level of confidence in mediation and restorative approaches, I can now see clearly how this can be applied and practiced in everyday life

Previous training participant

Detailed training with a good balance of content and practice to ensure the practice was not taken as an abstract but a working tool with real world applications

Previous training participant

The course has been laid out with so much care! Wonderful experience that was equally shared with everybody…my knowledge has been deepened so beautifully and my head is bubbling full of ideas

Previous training participant

Award Winning Training

We have developed our training for many different settings and in partnership with Actorbank our work won the Cutting Edge category of the national Restorative Practice awards 2017.

Right on Redruth

Initially about the health benefits of being social, Right On Redruth has grown into a group of local parents who care about the wider community that their children are growing up in, and want to support local schools using and developing restorative approaches. In surveys over 90% of participants felt the training had a positive impact and over 80% felt the training had supported their confidence and motivation. Over 90% of Project event participants reported an increase in confidence and motivation as a result of the activity and over 85% reported the event strengthening their relationships in the community.

Right on Redruth brings people together, builds on community and eliminates isolation…no individual should be excluded

Right on Redruth member

With everyone working together we can really carry on making a difference to the wider community 

Right on Redruth member

I now feel more confident in my ability to deal with potential conflict using Restorative approaches

Right on Redruth member

I really feel part of a community who listen to me and value what I have to say 

Right on Redruth member

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