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November 14, 2023

Restorative Practice supporting Youth Campaigning

Becky Seb and Matt stood in RJW tshirts next to the banner

Restorative Practice supporting Youth Campaigning

In November we were excited to contribute to an online workshop for the Paul Hamlyn Foundation Youth Fund Learning Network, focused on Creative Campaigning. We shared our learning about how the Restorative model supports youth campaigning.

Restorative Practice helps us to develop understanding; of an issue, and of each other’s experiences and perspectives, through deep and non judgmental exploration. Restorative Practice also supports young people’s ownership, and gives young people the confidence and tools to take action.

Campaigning usually involves engaging with some pretty heavy topics, and Restorative Practice creates and supports brave spaces for processing and sharing the emotions that arise for us all.

Together as a network of organisations with youth leadership at their hearts, we learnt about each other’s work and explored some challenging questions in relation to youth campaigning. As part of the workshop we screened our STOP Ecocide film to leading youth organisations from across the country and invited them to sign up. We presented our work alongside the brilliant organisation Integrate UK who work in Bristol and we learnt so much about their youth campaigns work too.