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November 21, 2023

Assemblies on Food at Camborne Science and International Academy

We recently had an inspiring day at Camborne Science and International Academy’s recent Prep for Life Day. We had the opportunity to deliver an Assembly about focused on food and the challenges within our food system to all our Year 9 students.

Three of the RJ Working team spoke about the importance of food for survival, for health and for the local economy, and raised questions about pollution, the costs of transporting ingredients, and sustainable agriculture.


Mayor of Camborne Zoe Fox attended the assembly and addressed the audience of 360 students saying that “Good, tasty food is fundamental, we can’t live without it and, ‘doing food better’ is an easy and fun way you can help yourself, help your local area and help the planet. By eating more fruit, vegetables and pulses and by growing and buying local food, we can tackle climate change, tackle disease, create employment and enjoyment. I’m really looking forward to being a part of it.”


During the day around 200 CSIA students were consulted by the RJ Working team in circle group discussions addressing two big questions: ‘What does food mean to you?’  and ‘What could a student Food Council in the school do or be?’. These questions generated meaningful conversations, giving students a platform to share their thoughts on how we can make School Food better- for themselves, the school community, and the planet. The students’ enthusiasm and commitment to making a positive impact in their school left us feeling hopeful for the future of this project, and the forming of the ‘School Food Council’, where students will come ambassadors for leading in change for their school food.

In parallel, CSIA has started family cookery sessions and it’s hoped that parents and grandparents will be sharing their delicious recipes to the benefit of one and all.