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November 30, 2023

People’s Assembly at Penwith College

Climate Action People's Assmembly at Penwith College

Our Fairer Futures Academy (previously called Activist Academy) has worked hard this term to help our Climate-Action Team hold a People’s Assembly at Penwith College. Our Fairer Futures group learn ways to become positive change-makers in the face of social and environmental-harms, with a specific focus on how change can be made at the community level using restorative practices. We’ve worked a lot this term on the role of restorative justice for tackling the climate crisis and we will be exploring identity-based harms after the new year. The People’s Assembly had a great turnout of staff and students, from Marine Academy to the Catering Department! We introduced circles and active listening as key principles for engaging in deliberative democracy and held some great discussions about how the college community can come together to combat the climate crisis. It was warming to see how enthusiastic and knowledgeable the group was when it came to thinking about building a sustainable community of changemakers.