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December 4, 2021

The Splanna Blog Takeover – “We made art!” – 2nd Dec 2021

This week sees the Splanna group taking over to create the material for these blog posts, with a weekly blog artist responsible for the photos and a shared process at the end of the session to create the words. 
November 20, 2021

International RJ Week: Restorative Practice & Young People – 25th November

As part of International Restorative Justice Week, RJ Working are offering a free workshop for teachers, parents, and anyone interested in how to navigate challenging conversations and conflict with young people.
November 18, 2021

Splanna – Trash Fashion – 18th Nov 2021

Today we tackled the fashion industry, creating a weird, wonderful, yet incredibly stylish outfit made entirely out of rubbish.
November 17, 2021

Yasmine Fosu – Welcome to the Board of Directors!

We are thrilled to announce that Yasmine Fosu has joined our Board of Directors.
November 15, 2021

How do we build a Culture of Care in Cornwall for families with refugee experiences? – Nov 2021

We are all well aware of the huge number of people who have had to flee their home countries to seek refuge from war and persecution in recent years. But did you know that a growing number of refugee families are being resettled in Cornwall?
November 11, 2021

Splanna –Take to the Streets. – 11th Nov 2021

Today, we bundled ourselves into hats and coats and took to the streets of Falmouth.

Accreditations, Associations and Funders

Our expertise has been formally recognised by the Restorative Justice Council with the award of their Registered Training Provider status. All of our Practitioners are either Associate or Accredited Members of the Restorative Justice Council.

The RJC promotes quality Restorative Practice for everyone in the UK.