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June 20, 2024

RJ Working at the BASW Conference!

RJ Working at BASW Conference

This week, two of the RJ Working team are making presentations at the BASW (British Association of Social Workers) national conference held this year in Edinburgh.
The conference theme is A Sustainable Future for Social Work and of course the impact of climate change on children, where young people will be central.
The opening plenary on Tuesday was an exciting in-person conversation which was also streamed online.    An RJ Working workshop titled Restorative Youthwork and Climate Change followed online, explaining the relevance of the Restorative model and offering support for ongoing Restorative conversations for community development.   Seb Ramdin will be leading the way, and showing the RJ Working STOP Ecocide film as an example of an RJ Working campaign contribution.
On Wednesday, our CEO will joined with other Social Workers at CCPAST –  an emergent and growing team of professionals working to show that climate breakdown is a safeguarding issue.    The associated harms include neglect, plus physical, social and emotional damage to individuals and to whole generations.   This workshop was called Climate Breakdown and our Responsibilities as Safeguarders.   The speakers made reference to the website www.lcat  which has been developed at the University of Exeter with support from Cornwall  Council,  enabling decision-makers to see the impact of climate on specific geographies in the UK now and into the future.
RJ Working will continue to raise awareness in Cornwall through amplifying the voices of young people and challenging all systems and structures to take account of the impacts of climate breakdown.  We believe that getting involved in community development for this purpose supports young people’s health and wellbeing.