In Memory of Lionel E Morrison OIS OBE

In Memory of Lionel E Morrison OIS OBE & Patron of RJ Working Lionel Morrison was a champion of equality and of recovery from harm, but he initially had grave reservations about 'restorative justice'. He voiced concerns that it should not be an easy route away from responsibility, and that victims should not be insulted [...]

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European Forum for Restorative Justice – 2016 Conference

The 9th international conference of the EFRJ will be hosted by the Law School of Leiden University, not so far from the city of The Hague where many international courts and human rights institutes are based. Themes will include children’s rights, victims’ and offenders’ rights, the refugee crisis and radicalization, focusing on how restorative justice may positively contribute to [...]

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ARC event presentation

RJ Working presented at an ARC event for the South West about people with disabilities caught up in the Criminal Justice System. This was also the launch of our partnership with Erya and it was great to have Stu with us bringing direct experience of abuse and the relevance of a restorative approach.

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RJ Working collaborates with Jenny Agutter and Falmouth University

We were fortunate enough to collaborate with Jenny Agutter and Falmouth University recently. Jenny lended her voice to some short animations about Restorative Justice. Recent graduate Alex Papanicola has created a short animated film showing how, following harm caused by crime, the 'victim' and 'offender' can get stuck with the legacy of  that harm.   The script [...]

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After the Accident – West Briton review

Saturday 28th marked the end of cube essential theatre's tour of the South West with their production of After the Accident. Respected reviewer Lee Trewhela has committed to print an insightful analysis which you can read on the West Briton site by clicking here. We hope that cube will tour the play again in 2015/16 [...]

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Milestone event for Creating Restorative Cornwall

On 16th January 2015 two Leadership Workshops were held at the Academy for Innovation and Research at Tremough. Within the 'Balanced Model' of benefits to victims, offenders and communites, these had a particular focus on RJ benefits for victims of crime, and on creative ways of communicating about RJ to increase awareness and access. The [...]

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Creating Restorative Cornwall – Making a Start

The film 'Creating Restorative Cornwall - Making a Start', shows a range of alliances and cross sector work that has taken place in Cornwall over the last 18 months. Being 'restorative' is available to anyone, it is about making changes for the better, sorting things out, finding ways to talk things over and learning more about [...]

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