RJ Working Stop Ecocide Video

Show this video in your eco-group, school assembly or local community group to help them understand why the Stop Ecocide campaign is important.

Links to the Petitions

Individual Sign Up

If you as an individual believe we need to see change to make our planet a better place, you can sign the international petition to Stop Ecocide here :

Our international petition — Stop Ecocide International


Organisation Sign Up

For organisations that want to commit to the Stop Ecocide Campaign and offer your support and social backing, you can sign the UK manifesto here:

UK Manifesto — Stop Ecocide International

For the international manifesto, you can sign here:

Organisations Manifesto — Stop Ecocide International


Business Open Letter

On behalf of your business, you can sign the Business Open Letter to show your endorsement of the Stop Ecocide campaign and use your influence for the good of the planet :

Business Open Letter — Stop Ecocide International


Information for Earth Protector Schools

Have a look through the Stop Ecocide website at what can be done by schools registered as Earth Protectors:

Earth Protector Schools – Earth Protector Communities

The Law Is Upside Down - Stop Ecocide Video

Check out this animated video by Stop Ecocide International explaining how the ‘law is upside down’ and what can be done about this.