RJ Working Supporters

Restorative Practices potentially belong to everyone as a means of communicating to recover from the harm caused by conflict or crime – or even to prevent harm from happening or worsening.

This way of working – way of thinking – is a reversal of our ‘fighting mentality’, a culture which divides and labels, in which people get ‘stuck’.

In order to create a restorative culture for one and all in Cornwall we need visible sign-up, from leaders, from organisations and from individuals who want to support the development of this option as a response to harm.

Gerry Marshall, RSQM assessor and former CEO of Thames Valley Probation Trust

The effective application of Restorative Justice can help to transform communities. RJ Working has developed a vision and approach that positively engages a wide range of stakeholders – both key strategic leaders, and interested community activists, – in exploring how each can contribute to developing and embedding RJ within and across the communities of Cornwall.

In my view this RJ Working have come up with a novel and effective model of engagement and developing shared values and vision that could be transferred to other communities across the UK.

RJ Working properly seeks to take the conversation about RJ beyond the usual criminal justice contributors to wider audiences and communities.

Dan Rogerson former MP

The fact that victims report an 85% satisfaction rate and feel less fear, anxiety and depression after taking part in the scheme is a clear demonstration of its effectiveness. I look forward to seeing RJ Working assisting more victims of crime and helping them overcome their experiences.

I am pleased restorative justice has the support of Devon and Cornwall Police and hope we will see a clear impact on offending in the region. It is important that the justice system uses all the tools available as appropriate and there is no doubt in my mind that restorative justice is highly effective for both victims and offenders in many cases.

Dan Rogerson MP – original letter (PDF)

Andrew George former MP

We discussed the possibility of extending the scope of restorative justice both in criminal but also in community settings and I would be keen to do all that I could to encourage and to enable this to happen.

Andrew George MP – original letter (PDF)

Sarah Newton MP

I am a keen supporter of restorative justice and am pleased that RJ Working, a new Community Interest Company set up for this work in Cornwall, are pioneering this approach in the Duchy.

I look forward to the further development of restorative justice in Cornwall and to supporting this growth. RJ Working has the potential to make a real difference to lives blighted by crime and I will do all I can to see its services benefit more and more local people.

Sarah Newton MP – original letter (PDF)

George Eustice former MP

I can absolutely see the value in the victim and offender meeting face to face to try and deal with tensions before the justice system needs to get involved and I believe that this is beneficial for both parties, in the process of dealing with the crime that has taken place. It is clear from reading the feedback that victims and offenders alike agree that this is a step in the right direction.

George Eustice MP – original letter (PDF)

Stephen Gilbert former MP

Restorative Justice is a process that myself and the Liberal Democrats support. It, surely, has to be a better way towards rehabilitation, a safer and more civilised society if we offer offenders (often young people) a way to discuss their issues, to acknowledge the harm to their victims and a way back with support.

I fully support the promotion of restorative processes in Cornwall and am glad that RJ Working is helping towards their adoption.

Stephen Gilbert MP – original letter (PDF)

The Rt Revd Tim Thornton

Some areas of the UK have become ‘Restorative’ cities and regions – it would be wonderful to see a ‘Restorative Cornwall’. The Diocese of Truro fully supports RJ Working Community Interest Company in their efforts to work collaboratively with all organisations across the communities of Cornwall to support the development of Restorative Justice in this County.

The Rt Revd Tim Thornton – original letter (PDF)