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Our Commitments

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One Vision

Cornwall Council’s  One Vision Partnership Plan  cites Restorative Practice as a key action:

Priority Outcome 1: Strengthening children, young people, their families and communities

Incorporate family mediation and restorative practice as key elements of a multi-agency core curriculum.

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Safeguarding children and adults

RJ Working is committed to Keeping Children Safe and to Safeguarding Adults

We have a Safeguarding Children Policy and a Safeguarding Adults Policy. These are reviewed annually and we ensure they are followed.

View our Policies here 

Further information about Safeguarding can be found on these websites

Local Safeguarding Children Board (LSCB)

Local Safeguarding Adults Board (SAB)

Anyone who has a concern can contact Deborah Mitchell who is our Designated Safeguarding Lead.

Equality and Diversity Statement

RJ Working is committed to promoting equal opportunities and providing services that are accessible to all.

We recognise that some groups and individuals have more difficulty than others in obtaining services and resources.

We aim to work imaginatively in order to include all people and ensure that all our services are provided in a way that promotes awareness of the rights and needs of people from minority groups and enables straightforward accessibility.

We work to implement our Equality and Diversity Policy and related Code of Conduct.