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October 5, 2021

Exploring Identity and Restorative Practice at Penwith College – Sept 2021

Yasmine and Lucy at Penwith College

Exploring Identity and Restorative Practice at Penwith College - Sept 2021

Over 2 days we delivered 5 workshops engaging a total of 146 students at Penwith College. The name of the workshop was ‘Studying in Cornwall: Identity, Racism and Restorative Practice’ –Yasmine from the RJ Working team did an expert job of sharing her experiences and her knowledge about how to tackle racism using Restorative Practices.

Following Yasmine’s talk, students had the opportunity to discuss what they had heard, what it meant to them, and how it was relevant for their lives, their college community and their future careers.

Students were quick to get stuck in with deep conversations around the issues raised, and some really interesting themes emerged. There was certainly a lot of curiosity about the Restorative Approach, and a real hunger to learn more about how we can talk about and address racism in our communities. Students identified the importance of not being a passive bystander in incidents of racism, and wanted to know more about how to become allies.

These sessions made us realise the importance of continuing the conversation. A one-off session raises issues and starts conversation, but it’s the follow up work that really enables us to identity what we’ve learnt and how we can use it to make changes. It’s so inspiring to see Truro and Penwith College addressing these issues head on, and we are really excited about our ongoing work together!

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