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September 13, 2021

Step Up at Penpol Primary Sept 2021

Step Up at Penpol Primary Sept 2021

We are so proud of the work achieved by Year 6 children at Penpol Primary as we delivered our Step Up programme.

We worked with 58 year 6 children (2 classes) and their 6 teaching staff at Penpol School in September 2021.

The Step Up programme supports children in schools to understand key principles of Restorative Practice and develop their talking and listening skills for making things better. It also supports children to become Restorative coaches and leaders in their school to help their younger peers and share Restorative Practice.

One child said afterwards: “I fell out with a friend and used what I learned to get my friend back”.

While reflecting Anna from the RJ Working team said: “The experience of working with Penpol School was intensely affirming of the Restorative process; evidenced anecdotally in the experiential learning for the staff team and the children, the shift in mindsets, the separation of thoughts and feelings, the high value thoughtfulness and contributions, the consideration of unhelpful and helpful labels and how that relates to identity based harms, the deeply relational work and trust built together in each group. The energy and enthusiasm and honesty and compassion displayed by the children was incredibly moving, and inspiring.”

To learn more about our Step Up programme for primary schools please follow the link below:

Step Up