Thinking together about extreme harm

Prosecution through the Courts system and the punishment of a prison sentence is often imagined to be satisfying for victims of crime, but may be a serious disappointment.  Many people harmed, whether directly or through a member of their family, want the person who caused the harm to ‘get it’ – to understand the full impact of what they have done.  Research shows that people especially want it not to happen again and not to happen to anyone else.  Sometimes people have questions that can only be answered by the person who caused the harm and sometimes they want that person to lead a good life in the future…..
RJ Working does not currently work with matters that go to Court but we were originally set up to do that and have lots of expertise and experience within the team.    In our work with young people who may be at risk of criminal activity,  we support conversations which bravely explore questions such as ‘What would you do?’  and ‘What if……’.      We have put some illustrative resources here and we are able to coach young people and the adult who support them to ensure that any resources are used to enable courage within safe relationships.  Please be aware that many young people who struggle have previous experience of trauma, so care must be taken not to trigger or reactivate the associated distress.