Return, Recover, Restore!

Staff CPD | 2 x 2hour sessions online OR 1 x 3hour session in person | £30pp

What harm has Covid-19 caused to your school community?

This short course has been designed for the distinct challenges faced by secondary school staff returning to school in 2020.

Our Return, Recover, Restore training will boost staff morale and strengthen the sense of community that is so important in times of uncertainty. It will help staff at your school to hold important conversations with students to ensure they feel fully supported in a time of continued worry. It will provide your staff with the framework for repairing the harm caused by the coronavirus pandemic, which can be used again and again throughout the year.

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Course Key Benefits/Details

  • Enable every student’s voice to be heard
  • Recognise unique and shared experiences 
  • Rebuild relationships both student/student and staff/students 
  • Ease the return to school after prolonged disconnection
  • Use again and again
  • Promote adaptability, resilience and strengthens community.