Restorative Skills for the Workplace

in-person and online | 12 students | £300

Have your Year 10 students missed out on Work Experience?

Are your students being prepared for future careers which will involve working online?

Do you have interventions in place for vulnerable student groups soon to leave school?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, this programme is the perfect answer in equipping your KS4 students with the skills to become great colleagues for their future working lives. It gives an introduction to Restorative Practice whilst giving students a wide range of ‘soft’ employability skills. ‘Restorative Skills for the Workplace’ will enhance your students’ emotional intelligence, improve communication skills and build upon students ability to resolve conflicts in constructive ways. 

Who Are We?
RJ Working is a not-for-profit organisation championing Restorative Practices across Cornwall for young people at all stages of their education. Our work supports excellent social and emotional learning, develops relationships and communication skills and works to narrow the gap that faces many disadvantaged young people in our county. We attract grant funding to subsidise the course for schools and have received additional support under the Covid19 response funds.

Course Key Benefits/Details

  • 3 x 1.5hr sessions
  • Delivered by 2 experienced RJ trainers alongside 1 member of school staff
  • Small group work – Maximum 12 students
  • Certificate of participation is issued for each student

"One of the things young people need to know is that everyone in adult life wants great colleagues. So, preparing for employment should take that into account."

Kim Conchie
CEO - Cornwall Chamber of Commerce

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