Formalising our primary activities

On 22nd November, the Board of Directors for RJ Working Community Interest Company passed a special resolution to expand our formal organisational objectives, as stated in our defining document, our ‘Articles of Association’. 

Further to our central purpose of building community using Ulster University’s Balanced Model of Restorative Practice, since 2017 we have additionally focused on supporting the development of school communities. The Board of Directors have formally confirmed our activities:

– Serve the advancement of human rights, conflict resolution and reconciliation, and promote equality and diversity. This includes promoting restorative justice for the public benefit as a means of resolving conflict and promoting reconciliation. 

– Serve the advancement of education, especially in the use of both restorative justice for specific matters and the wider application of restorative approaches in schools and colleges. 

Alongside the capturing of this specific expertise our Board also changed our asset lock beneficiary to Cornwall Community Foundation. We now await confirmation from the Regulator of Community Interest Companies. 

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