RJ Working

Restorative Justice in Cornwall

RJ Working is a not-for-profit Community Interest Company. We promote support and deliver Restorative Processes in Cornwall. We support similar developments in Devon and are part of a national network.

We place high priority on the impartial facilitation of Restorative Justice in Cornwall and we are committed to working equally and fairly with both parties in a crime or conflict. Individuals, families and those who care for them often have no channel of communication or source of support to bridge the division caused by crime or conflict. Our aim is to help heal the harm, to promote safety and to support people’s capacity to recover and rebuild.

Across Cornwall, any victim of crime, or person in conflict, who may be struggling for a voice within the traditional criminal justice system, can access our services. We enable people to be personally and directly accountable for their actions and to hear about their impact on others. All parties can gain a fuller understanding of each others’ experiences and a greater sense of closure can be achieved through making an Outcome Agreement.