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In Communities

Training for Individuals 

Multi Agency Adult Training Intensive 3-day multi-agency Restorative Facilitator training for working with young people, suited to Pastoral Care leads.

Successful completion means participants can register with the Restorative Justice Council as Associate Practitioners. RJ Working can support ongoing learning for full accreditation with the Restorative Justice Council.

Restorative Leadership An innovative ‘Restorative Leadership’ qualification from the Institute of Leadership and Management for education and health sector workers.

Read about the value of our training here.


Working with Families

We offer a Family Group Conference service with a focus on education, supported by Together For Families.

Working with Groups


Right On Redruth

Initially about the health benefits of being social, Right On Redruth is now a growing group of local parents who care about the wider community that their children are growing up in, and want to support local schools using and developing restorative approaches.

For more information about Right On Redruth contact amy@rjworking.co.uk, come along to Thursday ‘tea and toast’ sessions or connect through the Right On Redruth facebook page.










FX RP is a group of Falmouth and Exeter University students at Penryn Campus in Falmouth, who having undertaken the Ripple Effect training course, are working on introducing Restorative Practices on campus.