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Following our achievement of the Restorative Service Quality Mark (RSQM) at the beginning of 2017 RJ Working’s Board of Directors decided to prioritise work with young people, in and out of school / college. We train and develop young people to work with us in various ways, including making use of film and drama.

In 2017 we have worked with ten of Cornwall’s schools and colleges to introduce restorative practice training for young people to become Restorative Practitioners with appropriate support in their communities.

We hold a particular focus on prejudice and discrimination and what this means to young people – what they are facing and what they need to tackle these issues while growing up in Cornwall. We share this work with other organisations who support young people in and out of school.

RJ Working actively supports the National Anti Bullying Alliance and in 2017 their campaign and was #AllDifferent AllEqual.

The key aims of this campaign were to

  • Empower children and young people to celebrate what makes them, and others, unique
  • Help children and young people understand how important it is that every child feels valued and included in school, able to be themselves, without fear of bullying
  • Encourage parents and carers to work with their school and talk to their children about bullying, difference and equality
  • Enable teachers and other children’s workforce professionals to celebrate what makes us ‘all different, all equal’ and celebrate difference and equality. Encouraging them to take individual and collective action to prevent bullying, creating safe environments where children can be themselves.

Student Views

Can you tell me one way this training has affected you or stayed with you since the last session

  • I feel like after having done the practical work I understand things a lot better
  • I feel like it’s kept me calmer… less frustrated and have used the techniques to help myself and to help others.
  • I have learnt lots of new things… I feel like I will be able to help any of my my friends who do have a problem
  • I keep thinking about it… when I am alone it stays in my head and I find myself thinking about what we’ve learnt.
  • It’s really helped me with my confidence, especially talking in groups – in front of other people. Before I would never put my hand up to answer questions in class and now you can’t shut me up.
  • I feel like it’s changed my friendships with people in a good way – now I am friends with people I wouldn’t have talked to before.                                                


  • I really feel like I can now look at both sides of the story without taking sides and try and see the bigger picture.
  • I feel like I don’t fly off the handle as much… I am loads calmer and have stopped slamming doors at home.
  • Now I really remember to hear everyones story and not to take sides or make judgements. I have been able to talk to people I don’t normally talk to.
  • When ever I see an issue or a situation, I think of the training and look at it in a different way.
  • I am using it at home a lot – I used to fall out with my brother all the time and since the training we haven’t fallen out at all.
  • It’s really helped me to respect other peoples point of view and hear different opinions. I have actually helped people who have been feeling down, like I know how to listen.
  • I feel that I am more able to help people or to speak up when something happens thats not ok. I am more confident and more capable to say.
  • Now I think a lot about other peoples perspective, rather than thinking I am right all the time, maybe they’re right too.
  • I feel like the visual and practicing elements of the training have really helped to stick it in my head.
  • I feel like I am more understanding and can listen better when people are talking, I am definitely more understanding when people have a different opinion.
  • It’s really helped me to ask questions by not influencing the answer and I think a lot more about peoples situation if they’ve said something. What they’re like on the outside is not necessarily what they’re thinking.
  • It’s really helped me to consider other peoples points of view, and not just in school but about global issues too.

What do you want to do next with this training and how can you help move it forwards in school?

  • I would like to work helping other students if they have a problem
  • I would be happy to do multiple roles helping to introduce this in the school
  • I would be happy to work with other students
  • I would like to help by remaining part of the group and helping the group but not sure I am ready to work with other pupils yet.
  • I can see myself working with students in the years below. I think its important to learn from things that have gone wrong
  • I would like to move it forward with the group, we all have this restorative view but each have different strengths
  • I would like to help other people feel safer and happier at school.
  • I would like to use the skills to help others
  • I would like to spread the skills a bit more… to take it out of the library.
  • I would like to broaden this out a bit more into the school
  • It would be great if people could feel comfortable talking to us about anything even if they don’t think it’s a big deal
  • I would like to taking this forward by helping people when they’re a bit stuck with a situation
  • I would like to carry on having meetings with the group and hope to be a listener.
  • I would like the school to have a service thats not just about bullying