Do you want to help repair the harm you have caused?

  • Many people who have been involved in causing harm to others want to help put things right with the person who was harmed.
  • People often want to offer an apology and show that they are bigger than the harmful behaviour.
  • If you want to take this step, we can talk with you about what you might want to say and explore what might be the value for the other party and others who may be affected.
  • We will respect your courage and your willingness to take responsibility.
  • We will encourage you to gain the support of your family /friends if that’s right for you, or your Probation or Prison worker, who may also be a source of support.
  • We provide impartial help for everyone to prepare to communicate, and then we facilitate the communication, which may be in person, through a letter or involving us as a go-between.