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Restorative Justice is a powerful challenge to prejudice and discrimination

There is a growing body of evidence showing that that the harms which have targeted someone’s identity, hurt more than harms which are felt to be ‘just bad luck’. When someone’s identity is under attack, for example their disability, sexual orientation, race or religion, the research shows that the person’s highest priorities are for the abuse to stop and for it not to happen to anyone else.

We know that these harmful behaviours are often not reported in Cornwall, and this may be due to low confidence that the challenge will be successful. Restorative Justice can create a safe way to challenge the wrongdoer, with the support of a trained advocate.

This is a way to take an important step towards making things more fair and equal – for everyone’s sake.


RJ Working has contributed to the ARC guide on the Criminal Justice system for people supporting those with learning disabilities that are in trouble with the law. The guide can be downloaded as PDF by clicking the link below:

People with learning disabilities in the criminal justice system: a guide for carers and learning disability services (PDF)