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RJ Working and Restorative Justice press clippings and media files

On this page you will find press links to RJ Working and Restorative Justice stories. You can also view our latest media files and watch restorative justice videos.

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Royal Visit Film

Other people’s negative attitudes in Cornwall

5 – Other people’s negative attitudes in Cornwall from Remembering and Reflecting on Vimeo.

Teenage refugee becomes comic book hero

Teenage refugee becomes comic book hero from Thomson Reuters Foundation on Vimeo.

The Harms of Hate

I Can’t Ignore Hate Crime: Can You?

Family Group Conference

New Ways of doing Justice

A report by RJ Working

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Restorative Posters – Representing Justice Visually

Hiding In The Light

LGBTQ young people in Cornwall talk openly about their experiences of growing up in a rural community, in this moving and frank documentary, made with the support of The Big Lottery.

Visit the Paramore Productions website and watch this film.

West Briton review of After the Accident by Cube Essential Theatre

RSA animate about Blame

RSA animate about empathy

Creating Restorative Cornwall – Making a Start

The film ‘Creating Restorative Cornwall – Making a Start’, shows a range of alliances and cross sector work that has taken place in Cornwall over the last 18 months.

Being ‘restorative’ is available to anyone, it is about making changes for the better, sorting things out, finding ways to talk things over and learning more about different points of view.

Restorative Justice is more specifically about a careful and supported response to harm that has been caused by crime or conflict. As part of a wider network of organisations RJ Working has a growing understanding of restorative practices and the quality standards required by the Restorative Justice Council.

Cornwall Today, February 2015

View the latest After the Accident article in Cornwall Today by clicking the image.

After the Accident: Promotional Cinematic Trailer

Cube theatre introduces their upcoming stage show ‘After the Accident’ (from acclaimed writer Julian Armitstead), directed by Emma Williams.

After a joy-riding car accident shatters a family to pieces, the translucent responsibility of guilt falls in an all too predictable pattern. A heart-wrenching story exploring some of the complexities of restorative justice. Touring in February 2015.

Film directed by Jake Swindall, starring Danny Mellor, Benjamin Symes, and Rebecca Hulbert.

You can view the promotional trailer below and download the flyer for booking information by clicking this link: After the Accident Flyer (PDF) or visiting cube essential theatre.

Pam and Elli’s story

During the RJ Week 2014, the UK Ministry of Justice supported the social media campaign “What Would You Do?” with a series of communications materials, including videos giving a voice to victims who participated in a RJ process.


Enjoy this short animation on different ways of conflict resolution!

The Woolf Within

Peter Woolf was a prolific offender who, by his own reckoning committed about 20,000 crimes. Then he burgled a house, fought with his victim and ended up in prison yet again. This time though it was different. Peter met with his victim, Will, in a restorative justice session that took place in the prison. The meeting changed both their lives for ever.