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How you can get involved

It may be that you want to know more because you have a specific situation in mind or it may be that you would like to offer more general support. Please consider making a comment about the value of Restorative Justice through our supporters page.

It may be that you would like to discuss how you can become involved in restorative practices and restorative justice.

It may be that you want to think about how to help in creating a more restorative organisation or a more restorative community where different viewpoints can be heard, needs met and harm dealt with rather than pushed away.

Contact us through any of the methods on our contact page and we can discuss how you can help develop restorative justice.

Cornwall’s Multi-agency RJ Forum

In January 2014, following on from the Cornwall Bodmin Conference, a multiagency RJ Forum was set up for Cornwall.

Hosted by the Diocese of Truro it committed to an inclusive and democratic approach and terms of reference.

Notes of First Meeting of Cornwall RJ Forum 15 Jan 2014

RJ Forum meeting – Minutes of Meeting 25.03.14

Cornwall Multiagency RJ Forum – Minutes 09 May 14

Cornwall Multiagency RJ Forum – Minutes 11 July

Cornwall multiagency RJ Forum – 19 09 14 minutes

RJ System approach

Follow-up Plan for RJ Training from University of Ulster 2014

In October 2014 Cornwall’s  Community Safety Partnership took on leadership of the meeting and the notes and related documents are available from them.