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RJ Working Team

We are a small and responsive team with varied interdisciplinary experience. We will work with you to identify who will be best suited to collaborate with you/your school.

Amy Harrison

Amy is the community development lead for our Right On Redruth project which has been running since 2016 supported by the People’s Health Trust. Initially about the health benefits of being social, Right On Redruth is now a growing group of local parents who care about the wider community that their children are growing up in, and want to support local schools using and developing restorative approaches.
For more information about Right On Redruth contact amy@rjworking.co.uk, come along to Thursday ‘tea and toast’ sessions or connect through the Right On Redruth facebook page.

Amy is also a Restorative Practice Trainer in Secondary Schools and has a strong relationship with Redruth School where she works with the Pastoral Care team.

Amy McMillan

Amy is experienced in working with young people of all ages and is sharing in the leadership of some of our Primary School work, drawing on her strong engagement skills and understanding of groupwork  and community development.

Anne Bala

Annemarie is a graduate of Falmouth University and is currently developing a creative practice and community development with indipendent learning, integrating her skills and knowledge of Restorative Practice.

She remains a central member of our team especially supporting social media communications.

Chelvi Chelvanayagam

Chelvi has varied expertise from training and coaching social workers to community development in Plymouth and in Cornwall. Having contributed eight years to the Zebra Collective she is currently training in Law at the University of Exeter. She is a valued consultant and collaborator for RJ Working.

Chelvi participated in the formative 5 days Restorative Practice training from Ulster University with Deborah Mitchell, Jane Haslam and Lesley Chandler.in 2014.

Deborah Mitchell

Deborah originally qualified as a Social Worker and worked as a Senior Probation Officer in London, Plymouth and Cornwall.

With Jane Haslam, Lesley Moreland and Lesley Chandler, Deborah co-founded RJ Working in 2012. She is an active Quaker and has been the RJ Working Restorative Practice lead and provider of professional supervision since undertaking 5 days training from Ulster University in 2014.

Deborah is also a Fellow of the RSA, and of the School for Social Entrepreneurs, an RJC Accredited Practitioner and a part-time research student in human geography at the University of Exeter. Deborah’s developmental work at RJ Working is supervised by an Independent Social Worker.

Derek Hayes

Film-maker and Course Coordinator on Animation and Visual Effects at Falmouth University.

Eleanor Jubb

Eleanor is an experienced trainer and has brought her considerable skills set to bear on our work since first participating in the RJ Working journey in 2015. Eleanor is known for her assessment and evaluation ability, has led on this in our work with schools and managed our independent evaluation from Ipsos MORI.

Hannah Stephens

Hannah Stephens was a core team member in 2015, has undertaken full Restorative Practice training, and represented RJ Working delivering training at the Hertfordshire Conference in International Restorative Justice Week 2015.

Although her career in theatre has since taken her to many other places she remains a supporter of our work and in Cornwall has worked with Jon Welch to produce training materials for us. She remains a collaborator and supporter of our work.

Hayley Rowe

Hayley is central to the Right On Redruth group and also to our work in Primary Schools, bringing her experience and expertise with children to the creative introduction of restorative practice.
Hayley also has experience of working with older people and brings this to our awareness of multiple perspectives in community development.

Jon Welch

A gifted writer and director, Jon Welch has collaborated with RJ Working in the making of several short films in 2017 which are a valuable resource for beginning difficult discussions with young people. These have been based on local research and focus groups in schools.
Jon also wrote and directed our training film ‘Crossed Wires’ which enables discussion of complex issues including racism and economic inequality. Jon brings his working partnership with skilled filmmaker Jake Swindall..

Lesley Chandler

Our Board Chair, Lesley is also a trained facilitator and skilled practitioner who co-works with other members of the team in a wide variety of contexts and situations.

A former Secondary School teacher, Lesley brings a wealth of experience and knowledge and works tirelessly in community development.

Molly Allam

Leading our work at Penryn Campus and the FX_RP Project, Molly’s initiative and drive are.of high value to our organisation.
With strong experience of community development Molly is especially aware of restorative practice as a social movement connected to social justice. Molly brings her creativity and strong capacity for dialogue to co-training in Schools. She also has an interest in qualitative evaluation.

Paddy Dowling

We have the support of photojournalist Paddy Dowling who has recorded a number of RJ Working workshops and consultations through portraits and visual commentary.

Paddy covers major humanitarian crises, in zones on the edge of conflict, for NGOs around the world. His work brings the humanitarian narrative back to the UK to help increase public awareness.

Yana Penrose

Yana Penrose grew up in Cornwall and now has an acting career based in London.
She has collaborated with Jon Welch in the creation of our training materials and we hope to work with her further.

Our Patron

Dr Mark Walters

We are delighted to have the support of Dr Mark Walters renowned international academic based at the University of Sussex, author of Hate Crime and Restorative Justice.

Former Patron

Prior to his tragic death in 2016, our first Patron of RJ Working was Lionel Morrison.

Lionel was recognised for his contribution to ending apartheid in South Africa. He was also the first black President of the NUJ and the Chair of Notting Hill Housing Association.

Lionel is central to our short film, Creating Restorative Cornwall ~ Making a Start.

Board of Directors

Lesley Chandler
Chair / Community development sub-group

Debbie Risborough
ex officio Accountant and Business Advisor

Deborah Mitchell
Secretary / Operations sub-group

Liz LLoyd King
Business sub-group

Louise Fox
Business sub-group

Canon Chancellor Alan Bashforth
Community development sub-group

Stephen Spooner
Operations sub-group

Alethea Wigzell
Community development sub-group

David Blake
Business sub-group

Derek Hayes
Community development sub-group

Our expertise was formally recognised at the beginning of 2017 via the Restorative Service Quality Mark (RSQM). We can also work with you to help you gain this accreditation.

All of our Practitioners are either Associate or Accredited Members of the Restorative Justice Council, the national body
ensuring high quality and advocating the widespread use of all forms of restorative justice and restorative practice.