New Advances in Restorative Justice Theory and Practice – 2017 Conference

‘New Advances in Restorative Justice Theory and Practice’ is a two day conference which will bring together international experts, scholars and practitioners to showcase research, practice and theorising about future direction and new advances in restorative justice.

Day One of the conference will explore conclusions from recently completed research into restorative justice within policing undertaken by the University of Sheffield and University of Leeds as part of the national Police Knowledge Fund. Speakers from the UK and overseas will help to situate the findings within a wider discussion and debate about possible futures in restorative justice not only in the UK but internationally.

Day Two will broaden the scope to explore findings from international research into the role of restorative justice in transitional societies and inter-group conflicts.

SPEAKERS (abstracts available online now)

Day 1

  • Dr Kerry Clamp, University of Western Sydney: Reframing Restorative Justice for Policing Contexts
  • Ian Marder, University of Leeds: Who’s in Charge? Restorative Policing and Managed Empowerment
  • Dr Meredith Rossner, London School of Economics: Forgiveness and Mainstreaming Restorative Justice
  • Professor Clare McGlynn and Professor Nicole Westmarland, Durham University: Policing Domestic and Sexual Violence Using Restorative Approaches
  • Professor Joanna Shapland and Dr Emily Gray, University of Sheffield & Professor Adam Crawford and Daniel Burn, University of Leeds: Restorative Justice in Policing: Implementing Change in Three English Police Forces
  • Professor Jennifer Llewellyn, Dalhousie University: The Personal is Political: From Restorative justice to Restorative Communities

Day 2

  • Professor Ivo Aertson, University of Leuven: Restorative Justice in Cases of Historical Institutional Abuse: An Exploration and First Findings
  • Professor Kieran McEvoy, Queen’s University Belfast and Professor Shadd Maruna, University of Manchester: What do the Public Want from Public Apologies?
  • Dr Estelle Zinsstag, University of Leuven: Restorative Justice in a Transitional Justice Context: Sexual Violence as a Case Study
  • Professor Jonathan Doak, Nottingham Trent University and Professor David O’Mahony, University of Essex: Towards Empowerment : Embedding Agency and Accountability in Restorative Justice
  • Dr Stephan Parmentier, University of Leuven: Restorative Justice in Post Conflict Situations: Looking for Innovative Intersections in Theory and Practice

Tickets are available for the full conference, or one day only. An evening meal at the venue on the 18th September is also optional until fully booked.

For more information and to register, view the Policing Research Partnership website.