RJ Working collaborates with Jenny Agutter and Falmouth University

We were fortunate enough to collaborate with Jenny Agutter and Falmouth University recently. Jenny lended her voice to some short animations about Restorative Justice.

Recent graduate Alex Papanicola has created a short animated film showing how, following harm caused by crime, the ‘victim’ and ‘offender’ can get stuck with the legacy of  that harm.   The script was written by Derek Hayes, the Course Leader, and highlights how the two characters  of ‘victim’ and ‘offender’ know that they are much more than their labels, but neither of them know how to stop these labels defining them’.   Thanks to Restorative Justice they can free themselves from the labels and are able to get on with their lives.       
Alex has set up his own business making animation, called ‘Scribblestache‘.    Derek Hayes has invited Cornwall-based Community Interest Company, RJ Working, to work with second year animation students at Falmouth University to devise more short films to promote awareness of the benefits of Restorative Justice.  All parties thank Jenny Agutter, Fellow of the RSA, for recognising the potential social contribution of Restorative Justice in Cornwall.