After the Accident – West Briton review

Saturday 28th marked the end of cube essential theatre’s tour of the South West with their production of After the Accident. Respected reviewer Lee Trewhela has committed to print an insightful analysis which you can read on the West Briton site by clicking here. We hope that cube will tour the play again in 2015/16 as it has proved to be an exciting and provocative portrayal of some of the issues underpinning restorative justice.

The next phase is our shared audience survey: over 200 people have kindly given us contact details to develop our understanding of how ‘the public’ are seeing restorative justice following this experience of theatre at its best. If you saw the play and would be willing to participate in this short electronic survey, please email

RJ Working and cube essential theatre are continuing their partnership through filming some short extracts from the play. These will be used in the distinctive training that we have developed to stimulate awareness of the benefits of Restorative Justice. Further details will be made available over the coming weeks as we reach out through the RSA to create an understanding of Restorative Justice as a growing cultural norm.

Lastly, it has been a privilege to work with Becca, Danny, and Ben and to see them bring the play from script to stage in such an engaging way. Their Director Emma Williams and filmmaker Jake Swindall are also to be congratulated.

Deborah Mitchell
Rj Working CIC